Techmea AB’s supplier code of conduct


1.1 To ensure responsible conduct with respect to ethical, social and environmental issues, this Supplier Code of Conduct (hereinafter referred to as “SCC”) summarises the minimum requirements to which Techmea AB is committed and to which Techmea AB requires its suppliers to commit in order to conduct business with Techmea AB.

1.2 For the purposes of this SCC, the “Supplier” means any supplier and any business entity affiliated to such supplier (by way of consolidation in the same group of companies or throughout its own supply chain) of deliverables including without limitation supplies, goods, services, consultation, equipment and products to Techmea AB.


2.1 The Supplier is required to
a) fully conform with human rights arising from the UN Declaration of human rights, national law and international treaties, in all respects
b) treat everyone respectfully and with dignity and
c) respect the privacy and rights of everyone

2.2 The Supplier shall not
a) employ a child who is under the legal employment age. Every child is to be protected from economic exploitation and from carrying out work that can be considered dangerous, to have a negative effect on the child’s education or to be harmful to the child’s health or development.
b) force any person to work against his or her will
c) persecute, discriminate and/or harass anyone based on any reason, such as gender, age, sexual orientation, colour, race, social background, ethnic origin, disability, pregnancy, religion, political opinions, union membership
d) engage in sexual, physical or verbal abuse and corporal punishment and threat of the same
e) force its employees to hand over their valuables or identification documents

2.3 The Supplier is required to treat its employees in a fair and equal manner and to respect the employees’ freedom of association and right to collective bargaining.

2.4 The Supplier is required to pay (and cause its sub-suppliers and subcontractors to pay) its employees at least the minimum salary in accordance with the applicable law and/or collective bargaining agreement. Any deduction from wages as a disciplinary measure is prohibited.

2.5 The Supplier is required to fully comply with applicable legislation and/or collective bargaining agreements related to working hours and rest periods.


3.1 The Supplier is responsible for the health and safety of its employees. The Supplier shall at least comply with the minimum standards according to national and local laws and regulations regarding the work environment.

3.2 The Supplier shall take the best possible precautionary measures against accidents and occupational diseases. The Supplier must educate and train employees in health and safety issues as well as introduce and maintain an adequate occupational health and safety management system.


4.1 The Supplier is required to comply with all environmental laws, regulations and standards applicable to its operations. The Supplier will observe environmentally friendly practices in all locations where it operates.

4.2 The Supplier must actively work to reduce emissions into the air, soil and waterways and make more efficient use of natural resources.


5.1 The Supplier is required to conduct its business in an ethical manner. This includes that the Supplier:
a) refrains from all forms of corruption and bribery, whether direct or indirect. The Supplier is especially required to ensure that payments, gifts and acts of hospitality are in compliance with applicable anti-bribery laws and not lavish
b) strictly complies with competition and anti-trust laws in all aspects of its business
c) refrains from any infringements of intellectual property rights
d) protects the confidentiality of all confidential information provided by Techmea AB and others
e) takes responsibility of any personal data in its possession and complies fully with data security legislation
f) undertakes to have in place and to maintain all statutory social and other insurances and
g) complies with international trade regulations and export control regulations

5.2 The Supplier is required to accurately and transparently record information related to its business activities, financial figures and situation in conformity with applicable legislation.

5.3 The Supplier is required to comply with all applicable legislation in all jurisdictions where it conducts business.


6.1 The Supplier is required to avoid any potential conflicts of interest.

6.2 If the Supplier detects a circumstance which might lead to a conflict of interest, the Supplier shall forthwith inform Techmea AB of such circumstance. The Supplier shall always disclose of any financial interest, excluding shares and other instruments on publicly listed companies, an employee of Techmea AB may hold in the Supplier’s business.


7.1 The Supplier is required to ensure that this SCC is implemented. The Supplier shall ensure and regularly monitor the compliance with this SCC.

7.2 Techmea AB reserves the right to monitor the compliance of this SCC. The Supplier will allow Techmea AB and/or parties designated by Techmea AB to perform compliance monitoring and audits of documents and premises related to the co-operation.


8.1 In case the Supplier does not comply with this SCC, Techmea AB may provide the Supplier with guidance on necessary actions and the Supplier undertakes to take such corrective actions forthwith.

8.2 If the Supplier fails to fully comply with the terms of this SCC, Techmea AB has the right to terminate its business co-operation with the Supplier. This termination right exists without prejudice to any other rights Techmea AB may have under any contract between Techmea AB and the Supplier.